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Volunteer Opportunities

Come Volunteer at Saint Matthew’s Church!

When you volunteer:

You’re able to draw closer to God.
You’ll know you are making a difference in other people’s lives.
You are setting a good example.
You grow personally.

Current Open Positions:


DESCRIPTION:  Maintain connectivity between SMBC College Students and our church through monthly communications while discipling the students and becoming a reliable resource of spiritual guidance, Godly counsel, practical information and advise.

HOURS/DAYS: Less than ½ hour per month.
CONTACT DIRECTOR: Deacon Stephen Jones 856.629.4614 ext. 2204

  • Contact young adults in college monthly
  • Issue monthly report on contact status
  • Attend quarterly meetings


 2. SPIRITUAL SERVANT POSITION: Congregational Care Coordinator

DESCRIPTION:  Follow-up with new members after joining SMBC and those who are absent

HOURS/DAYS: Afternoon/Evenings 5-8pm, Wednesday 10am-1pm. Times may vary.
CONTACT DIRECTOR: Deacon Armstead 856.629.4614 ext. 2290

  • Call members who have joined
  • Call members who are missing
  • Call members that have missed NMO/Disc. Classes
  • Data Entry



Description:  Greet and assist each guest with finding Christian novelty items and books.

Hours/days: Sundays from 7:45 am to 8:45 am
CONTACT DIRECTOR: Tymeka Hurst 856.629.4614 ext. 2205
Duties: Opening the store, greeting each guest, become familiar with store inventory and pricing, assist each guest with locating items, if needed processing payments and closing store.

4. SPIRITUAL SERVANT POSITION: Operations Admin. Volunteer

Description: Administrative Assistant Duties as needed for special projects.

Hours/days: As needed Monday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm
CONTACT DIRECTOR: Tymeka Hurst 856.629.4614 ext. 2205
Duties: As needed data entry, process mass mailings, help with high volume production requests, phone calls, shredding, other admin needs as required.

5. SPIRITUAL SERVANT POSITION: Ministry Admin. Volunteer

Description: Administrative duties as needed for special projects

Hours/days: As needed,  Monday-Wednesday from 10am-1pm
CONTACT DIRECTORTanya Feggans 856.629.4614 ext. 2278

  • Data Entry
  • Phone Calls
  • Shredding
  • Other Administrative Needs as required

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